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"Traveling - it offers you a hundred roads to adventure , and gives your heart wings! "
- Ibn Battuta

Upcoming Events


Welcome and be part of 1 million Ethiopian Diaspora community to the Great Home Coming Event.


Support your team and enjoy the games of Total African Cup of Nations 2022 will be held in Cameron. 

Explore The nature

Ras Dashen (Amharic: ራስ ዳሸን rās dāshn), also known as Ras Dejen, is one of the top 10 mountains in Africa and Located in the Semen Mountains National park in the Amhara region, Ethiopia. It reaches an elevation of 4,550 meters (14,930 ft.)

Upcoming Tours & Destination

Our tourist destinations are very rich and give limitless satisfaction to visitors, with immense historical places and cultures to Wonderful natural habitats.


Harar – city of peace and known as the fourth holy Islamic city.


Tiss Abay(Abbay waterfall) – The source of the world’s longest river(Nile).


Lalibela –  one of the UNESCO tourist destinations, known for most of the temples was built with single rocks. 


Afar Danakil Depression – world lowest place and high rector scale values(>7), rich in phosphorus and sulfur deposits.