Tour Packages

Plenty of tour destinations with immense historical places and cultures to Wonderful natural habitats.


one of the UNESCO tourist destinations, known for most of the temples was built with single rocks. 

haina feeding

City of peace and known as the fourth holy Islamic city.  Visitors are enjoining feeding the hyenas. 

afar da
Afar Danakil Depression

One of the world’s lowest places with high rector scaled volcano earthquakes, also rich in table salt, phosphorus and sulfur deposits.

entoto add

The new source of tourist destination, found in the north of Addis Ababa, a place where the whole city was visible.  

Tiss Abay(Abay Waterfall)

The source of the world’s longest river(Nile).

Semen Mountains

A place where the indigenous Walliya Ibex and other animals are living.